Due to the global virus epidemic, the supply of goods is in short supply. The versions of 10-core chips may be different. There are three types of chips, sent randomly,  their prices are all the same.

They are X25, X27, X30
We do not accept any disputes with different chip versions
For customers who deliberately make things difficult, we do not recommend buying
CARBAYTA X27  Worldside Unlocked Tablet PC
Concerned Question for X27
Question 1 : How about X27 tablet PC?
Answer: It is certified FCC and CCC and CE all specification are accurate and correct.
Question 2: Why is X27 screen is so beautiful(see the video)?
Answer: X20  screen is super IPS 2.5D screen, this screen is more beautiful than normal screen. And Not easy to be broken.
Question 3: Why is X27  is so fast(see the video)?
Answer: It is new design that combined RAM and ROM, and 10 core CPU MTK6797(Two 2.5GHz Cortex-A72 
2.0GHz Cortex-A53+ Four 1.4GHz Cortex-A53= Helio  X27  10 core) and GPU Mali-T880MP  is more fast that is running in the large memory space. So it is more fast than normal tablet.
Question 4: What about the shipping?
Answer: Please choose AliExpress Standard Shipping,it is more efficient,more safe and more convenient.
Question 5: Is X27Battery safety?
Answer: Yes. It is safety.  It is certified MSDS, please see the description. 

Display Size: 10 Inch ( Screen diagonal length)

Display Resolution: 1920X1200  IPS 

6 Point Capacitive Multi Touch Display


A:1 tablet pc  +charger+ New Film(post)  + warranty card  Card+packing box

B:1 tablet pc  +charger+ New Film(post)  + warranty card packing box+Bag+Pen++OTG+64GB TF Card

C:1 tablet pc +charger+ New Film(post)  + warranty card packing box+Case+Pen+Glass+OTG+64GB TF Card

D:1 tablet pc  +charger+ New Film(post)  + warranty card packing box+  Keyboard (Russia keyboard or spain keyboard) +pen+Glass+OTG+64GB TF Card

E:1 tablet pc  +charger+ New Film(post)  + warranty card+packing box+BlueTooth Keyboard+pen+Glass+OTG+64GB TF Card






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